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Match Event

”Together, students and companies solve the challenges of tomorrow”

DTU Diplom is hosting Match Event with focus on innovative and sustainable collaboration between the students and their future industry.

What is Match Event?

DTU Diplom is inviting BSc students from both campuses to attend the event where they can meet and network with a number of selected companies. The purpose of Match Event is to create partnerships between companies and students in the form of projects, internships or student positions. The concept is that both minor companies and major corporations get to pitch their offers to the spectating students. This is a unique opportunity to present the opportunities that your company can offer the students. In brief, your company can benefit from participating by:

  • Meeting skilled students and establish a mutually rewarding relationship
  • Giving the students an insight into the challenges your company is currently facing
  • Scout for talent
  • Getting valuable inputs to your company’s challenges


Isa Keller-Andreasen
Head of Study, Associate Professor
DTU Diplom
+45 35 88 51 18


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