Sustainability, business and technology.

As a joined project by Industriens Fond and DTU Diplom, Bridging provides a possibility for small and medium enterprises in Denmark to embed sustainability and technology into their business, thereby creating economic and competitive gains. Through collaborating, the following is achieved:

  • To promote sustainable production
  • To think sustainability in a broader context
  • To strengthen the students’ readiness for working
  • To gain new perspectives on existing issues in the companies
  • Fast and innovative problem solving
  • More knowledge and competences within sustainability, business and technology
  • Access to the knowledge, teachers and students of DTU Diplom
  • A broader recruitment base for companies

The collaboration between students and teacher at DTU and companies is constituted by:

  • Short course project – 3 weeks
  • Semester project
  • Interdisciplinary innovation project
  • Internship – 20 weeks
  • BSc project


Malene Kirstine Holst
DTU Diplom
+45 93 51 15 71